About Emma Satchell

Through my own experiences both personally and professionally, I have become passionate that every person deserves a great ceremony to mark the end of their life.


I have experienced funerals that felt cold and impersonal, and it seemed that they were a disappointing experience for all involved. My hope is that each service I help to create will be an important part of your loved one’s story, collaborating memories and thoughts that honour their life and values.


For the family and friends involved, a funeral should bring a sense of peace and happiness even in the midst of grief, as you are guided through a ceremony that says goodbye to your loved one in a personal way.


My interest in funerals began through some personal losses of my own.


I was able to experience just how beautiful and healing the funeral ceremony can be, even in the middle of tragedy.  I was involved in delivering eulogies in some of these services and I was encouraged by a number of people to think about becoming a celebrant.  When I eventually had the honour of leading my Nana’s funeral, I decided this was the right thing for me to pursue.


I have now worked for a number of years as a chaplain, in a care home and also a hospice.  In both places I have been involved with people towards the end of their lives.  I have had the privilege of working with some individuals to plan their own funeral services, and then the honour of delivering them when that time came.


It is a beautiful experience sharing in these moments knowing that I have been able to deliver exactly what the person wanted.


At times this has included advocating on behalf of the dying person if their family have not agreed with their choices. This is significant because although it is important that the dying person’s wishes be respected, the funeral itself essentially exists for the benefit of those left behind.  Finding a point of understanding and compromise between all involved can really help to bring healing at a difficult time.


I have worked with a number of funeral directors and delivered a diverse range of funerals.  Because I am a minister in training with the Free Methodist Church, I am able to deliver religious funerals as well as non-religious celebration of life services.


I also work with people to find a middle ground, for those who have some beliefs but for whom religion was not a major part of their lives.  In these circumstances people might just want to include a prayer or a short reading from the bible. I can help you to choose something appropriate.







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